iOpener 4 - Black


West|280 iOpener™ for Apple iPhone™ 4 and 4S - Piano Black Gloss finish with Black Blade Tray

(This model is NOT for Android phones)

iOpener 4
The ultimate designer accessory to personalize your iPhone™ 4 or 4S.

A Tough, Thin, Light weight suit of armor for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Its the most fun you can have with your case on.

How Tough? Hammer tough. We beat on iOpener with a hammer to simulate extreme impacts. In over 2-years of testing iOpener 3G not a single iPhone screen has cracked. We believe that short of a vault, iOpener is the toughest protection you can put on your iPhone.

How Thin? iOpener 4 measures just .625" in overall thickness. That's just .25" thicker than an iPhone 4. Competitors bottle opener cases meassure almost 1" thick!

How Light? iOpener weights just 2oz. If iOpener were an envelope you could slap a stamp on it and mail it.

First and foremost the West280 iOpener™ protects your iPhone.

You take your iPhone™ every where, now you can take the party with you every where. Whip out iOpener, Open a bottle and the fun starts.

Anyone can slap a bottle opener on an iPhone™, but that's like duct taping a brick to a ballet slipper. The West280™ design team took the challenge of designing a premium personal accessory for the iPhone™ very seriously. We studied ergonomics, high strength plastics, food grade and surgical stainless steel in every grade available, and most important we were relentless at making it thin and light. The result, nothing short of perfection with a bottle opener that retracts into the case when not in use. Sleek, concealed and as stylish as the iPhone™ itself. The innovative design distributes the leveraged force of opening a bottle around the strongest area of the case.


  • Fits all iPhone 4 and 4S models (From all carriers)
  • Unique Polycarbonate/ABS alloy makes it tougher
  • Gloss finish easily slides in and out of your pocket
  • 2-Piece slider style makes it easy to slip on and off your phone
  • Our unique friction lock design prevents your phone from falling out of the case
  • Full perimeter raised screen bezel protects screen all the way around
  • iOpener's Stainless steel is food safe
  • No sharp edges on metal opener
  • Superior design.
    • Our opener slides out the top of the phone, safer and no flipping required
    • Thinner, nothing bulky in your pocket or hand
    • No sharp edges that can tear clothing

Great Design, Designed to Last and Made In The USA. All iOpener models are 100% made in America. The metal work, plastic injection molding and packaging are all made in the heartland of America with the finest materials available. Every iOpener you buy is creating jobs in America.

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